St. Paul Catholic School Memphis
Our Mission Statement

St. Paul Catholic School fosters the development of the whole child in an academically challenging environment based on Catholic doctrine and virtues, and empowers children to make a positive difference in the school, community and world.

Saint Paul Catholic School
Lunch Program

St. Paul Catholic School is proud to have Ms. Mary Valentine and her staff as our campus lunch provider. 

Students enrolled at St. Paul Catholic School will have a variety of delicious, healthy and hot foods made available to them on a daily basis.

*Parents, please note that when buying lunch, the cost is $3.00 per day. If you do not pay for your child's lunch on the day(s)  your child orders a lunch, it will be charged to your account, and it will have to be paid when tuition is due.

La Escuela Católica de San Pablo se enorgullece en tener a la Señora Mary Valentine y su equipo como los proveedores del almuerzo en nuestro campus.

Los alumnos inscritos en la Escuela Católica de San Pablo tendrán una variedad de deliciosas y nutritivas comidas calientes disponibles para ellos diariamente.

*Padres, tenga en cuenta que al comprar el almuerzo, el costo es de $ 3.00 por día. Si no paga el almuerzo de su hijo el (los) día (s) que su hijo (a) pide un almuerzo, se cargará a su cuenta, y deberá pagarse cuando venza la colegiatura mensual.