St. Paul Catholic School Memphis
Our Mission Statement

St. Paul Catholic School fosters the development of the whole child in an academically challenging environment based on Catholic doctrine and virtues, and empowers children to make a positive difference in the school, community and world.

Saint Paul Catholic School
Parent Drop Off / Pick-Up Procedures

Dismissal Diagram

Please pay careful attention to these instructions and drive slowly and with caution. 

For All Parents to Note:

  • Carefully follow any signs or directions given in the drop off and pick-up zones. All traffic laws apply in our school parking lot. Speed Limit is 10 MPH.
  • Except for the first day of school, parents will not be allowed to walk their children to class as to not disturb the classroom setting. 
  • The parent or adult picking up your child will be required to show identification if the school does not know them. ONLY people designated to the staff by parents will be allowed to pick up students. 
  • If you plan to visit the school office during pick up times, you must part in the church parking lot. After 3:10 p.m., you may use the front of the school office again. 

Drop-Off Procedures (Kindergarten - 8th Grade)

  • Staff will be available to see children into the school gymnasium approximately 30 minutes before the start of school. 
  • The student drop off lane is clearly marked for your convenience. Parents are asked to remain in their car will in the drop off lane. Parents wishing to spend more time with their students will need to park their car and walk their child to the school gymnasium doors. 
  • If you are bringing your child in after morning prayer has started (7:45 a.m.), walk them into the front office and check them in with a staff member so they will be able to get a late slip. 
  • There is to be no drop-off before 8:00 a.m. at the Front Office. All drop-offs should be done in the Pre-K entrance (Pre-K students only) or the cafeteria. Students should only be dropped off in the front office when they are being check in for being late.

Dismissal Procedure

Pre-Kindergarten: Parents picking up your child/children between 2:30 and 3:15 will enter the 1st dive closest to the church (driveway #1 on the chart). You must park in the lost between the church and the cafeteria. You will then walk to the Pre-Kindergarten door as usual to sign your child out and exit through the same entrance. Note: If you have another child attending St. Paul in Kindergarten - 7, they will meet you in the Pre-Kindergarten hallway for pickup.

Grades 5-8:
Parents will enter the first driveway closest to the church (driveway #1 on the chart) and pull in front of the cafeteria. Place the "pick-up sheet" with your child's name on the dashboard so teachers can read your child's name. Note: Younger siblings (K-3) will be sent to this pick up area. You will exit out the second driveway (driveway #2 on the chart) on to Shelby Drive. Even if the older siblings are absent, you will continue to use the same pickup area for the younger sibling. 

Grades K-4: Parents will enter the second driveway of off Shelby Drive (driveway #2 on the chart) Place the "pick-up sheet" with your child's name on the dashboard so the teachers can read your child's name. Pull in front of the school and stain in your car. Your child will be sent to you and you will exit onto Woodridge.